Cyprus International Trust – Tax free savings plan!

This may be the answer for your wealth planning or wealth security aims!

One may start by admitting that, The Cyprus International Trust is an excellent tax efficient choice for individuals who contemplate to leave or rather secure the passing of their assets and or wealth, whether this be profit/non-profit making, to a person, legal or physical in accordance with their aims and wishes, be it a loved one, charitable organizations, NGOs, purpose business, and or even onto themselves as one or part of the body of beneficiaries of what will become their Trust.

There are many advantages in creating a trust in Cyprus, discretionary or otherwise. Such a move is creating a protective barrier on wealth in the sense that all assets contained in the trust deed (legal document) are or may not be subject to any tax charges. Any profit the assets make while contained in the trust may be exempted from any tax. The only charge payable on the trust is a stamp duty payment of little over four hundred Euro.
Even better yet, the Trust itself or any persons named within the trust are not required to be registered with any Cypriot revenue authorities and the Trust can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Here’s the deal, there is a criterion to abide by in the creation of a Cyprus International Trust which is as follows:
The Creator and Beneficiary must not be a resident of Cyprus;
The Trustee must be a professional resident of Cyprus;
No immovable property situated in Cyprus can be contained within the trust.
Will it work for you? Maybe, and maybe not… but if you do have assets outside of Cyprus, whether profit or nonprofit making, property/cash/shares, wealth in general, that you wish for it to be put into and be secured under a trust either for a loved one or yourself as beneficiary contact our office where you can be sure that we can explain in more detail how a Cyprus International Trust can help you.