European Citizen Procedures

The application for the issue of a Registration Certificate is submitted by a European Union citizen and family members who are citizens of a Member State, within four months from the date of entry into the Republic.

Cyprus Immigration Law

Cyprus is one of the most attractive islands in Europe and this is why many individuals choose Cyprus to be their second home and sometimes even their first home! The high education level, the low criminal rate and the Mediterranean weather allow Cyprus to be one of the top rated destinations.
Cyprus Immigration Law is governed by International law. It relates to the legal status of a person in another country. The requirements for immigration procedures vary from country to country. Each Government creates regulations in regards to how long a foreign national is allowed to stay in their country and what is required to allow him to visit/work or become legal citizens of the country.
In Cyprus, different procedures apply for work permits, temporary residency and permanent residency. Below, there is an analysis for each category: