How do it take Delivery of my Property

Property purchase is a large investment, and one that requires sound legal advice and support to safeguard your investment and interests, especially on the question how do I take delivery of my property?

In specifically, Cyprus professional lawyers will ensure that the seller of a property is legally allowed to sell the property, and that the property has clear title deeds that can be transferred to your name, without any issues that could either delay or quash such a transfer.

Land Registry Department checks are undertaken, along with a credit check and financial research on the seller - and the property’s developer if required. These can determine whether the property is free of problematic attachments or liabilities.

We can then negotiate on your behalf, and if a purchase is to proceed, we will either draft up the contract of sale (Sales and Purchase Agreement), or inspect and review a contract that has already been drawn up by a third party.

Once we have concluded a Sales and Purchase Agreement, Cyprus professional lawyers will guide the process through a number of steps, depending on whether the buyer is a resident of Cyprus or a foreign buyer.