Documents needed for us to connect your Utilities in Cyprus

Don’t you get a headache with the question: How do I pay for your utility bills in Cyprus?” There are business people and legal firms who can deal on your behalf and proceed with the payments needed. Next step? You just enjoy your investments in the island of Aphrodite. You will just need the documents below in order for you to get the work done:

  • A signed Power of Attorney – Prepared by our office and signed by you.
  • A copy of the Contract of Sale
  • A copy of your passports
  • And a meter reading from the actual property (this is a document which we can ask either from the developer, or the previous owner if it has to do with a resale.

What comes next? Your representative visiting the authorities on behalf of you, so that you save money and time!

Cyprus professionals will deal with every aspect of your Utilities in Cyprus, will give you guidance whenever needed, so that you remain relaxed.