Cyprus Shipping Law – Safe Sailing

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Shipping Law relates to both to commercial shipping and pleasure boats and or vessels; both sailing and power boats. Its implementation is relevant to local and international waters. Despite the fact that each jurisdiction applies its own shipping law, the majority of these provisions derive and are ruled by private international laws. Due to the increase of yachting and vessels at sea, this area of law is progressively becoming more commonly practiced as countries are developing the “marina lifestyle” and now than ever before are expanding commercial ports to meet the growing market and investor trends. By default, considering the above, the level of sea traffic activity is increasing. Let me explain, there are several subcategories governed under Cyprus Shipping Law such as:-

  • Marine Commerce
  • Marine Navigation
  • Mineral rights
  • Shipping
  • Sailors
  • Salvage
  • Transportation of Passengers
  • Transportation of Goods
  • Commercial Activities

  • Moreover, there are other issues that may arise under these categories such as:

  • Personal Injury
  • Cargo Damage/ Claims
  • Collision
  • Recreational Boating Accidents
  • Product Liability

  • These being just the tip of the iceberg! For all and any of your needs relating to local or international shipping matters contact our experts! You will be glad to know that, you will be in the right hands about Cyprus Shipping Law and not only!